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Mosaic Properties Grand Rapids

Our History

Mosaic Properties and Mosaic Homes is a development, construction and real estate brokerage company founded in 1993 by company President, Brad Rottschafer.

Mosaic was established out of the desire to craft residential neighborhoods that radiate a sense of community and place that inspire those who live in or are traveling through them. Since its inception, Mosaic has created a string of landmark communities throughout West Michigan. Some of these neighborhoods and communities include Balsam Waters, Celadon Townhomes, Croswell Mews Townhomes and Revado Hills.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to positively impact our community by creating neighborhoods that have great architecture, positive civic space and that are “built to last”. We accomplish this by piecing together the efforts of the most talented land planners, architects and artisans in our industry.

Our intent is to approach every neighborhood we build with the artistic vision; architectural integrity and creative planning that will benefit communities both now and for future generations. This is what we mean by “the fine art of neighborhood”.

The manner in which we conduct business and relations with the people whom we work shall be consistent with the teachings of the Bible. Accordingly, we will treat people with respect and compassion being truthful and responsive in our dealings with officials, clients and fellow workers.

Development Philosophy

The proper Architectural approach truly makes the difference between a Mosaic neighborhood and the common community.

Mosaic brings the best of classical architecture, combines it with the finest new materials and the latest “green building” technologies, and then adds the right details for warmth and charm. Our goal is to craft our homes so they give pleasure to those simply walking around and looking at them. And that make you feel good just living in them.

When we approach Neighborhood Design, we respect the past, and try to use the best of it, yet include the freshest ideas in the landplaning arena. We create warmer, more intimate neighborhoods, rich with color and detail. Streets that are a bit narrower, sidewalks with lamps. Small parks with architectural features. Wooded islands. Outdoor spaces that fit together.

Where God created the natural Environment, we preserve it. Where portions of nature have been compromised, we attempt to rebuild a new environment with natural materials. And we don’t believe in planting short trees. Why should you wait 20 years for your community to look mature?

Our commitment to the environment extends to our homes. We are committed to building 100% of homes to the Michigan Green Built or LEED standards. What that means is that our homes are tight but well ventilated. Efficient heating and cooling systems designed with a “Whole-system” approach. Every home is tested to measure its energy performance to make sure it is in compliance with our standards. We also have fun re-claiming old materials like barn wood or using wood that was hewn on-site.

Without inspiration, life is dull and boring. The same applies to neighborhoods and homes. It takes extra work, money and “intellectual sweat” to accomplish it. But we believe the fine results are worth the effort.